The Millionaire Pact Romance Novellas

The Millionaire Pact friends are a group of entrepreneurs who all vowed to become millionaires by the age of thirty, keeping tabs on each other to make sure they're accountable for their goals. Well, that deadline is looming and some of them are actively seeking to move on from their business success to more personal targets such as love and family – while some of them find love lands in their laps when it’s the last thing they’re looking for!

Each of these short and sexy romances features a different hero and heroine, and a guaranteed happy ever after.

Falling for You

Falling for You kindle cover.jpg

Grant lives life to the fullest. He owes it to the brother who’ll never come on another adventure with him.

Chrissy would love to live life to the fullest, if only everyone would stop treating her like she’s fragile. She missed half her childhood being sick; she’s not going to let it affect the rest of her life. At first, Grant seems like the ideal companion in her search for all the things she’s been missing – bold, beautiful and larger-than-life, he’s everything Chrissy would like to be. Except, as she realizes she’s starting to fall for him she notices something else: like her, he’s broken inside.

Love is a great healer. But can it mend these two damaged souls?

Over You

Over You jpg.jpg

The senior baseball star and the freshman ugly duckling? It could never work out.

But ugly ducklings grow up. They become strong and beautiful swans. When Ilsa discovers that jock Lloyd is still loving and leaving every woman he meets years after he broke her heart at prom, she’s determined to teach him a lesson. She’ll be the first woman to turn him down, because there’s no way his good looks, honed body and seductive conversation will turn her head.

She’s over him, and now she’s going to destroy him.

Lloyd loves women. He loves making them feel good about themselves. There’s no way he’d ever restrict himself to just one.

Until he meets Ilsa. It’s all fun – hot, sexy fun – until the time comes to walk away. Leaving her shouldn’t be difficult, but somehow, he can’t seem to get over her.

Always and Forever

The Kenyan hotel that’s been in Annie’s family for generations is in big trouble. While she struggles to make a go of things alone, the human hyenas are circling, ready to snatch up the place she loves most in the world.

She can’t afford to get distracted, especially not by a guest, no matter how sexy he might be. But what if Fraser is the answer to her prayers?

Fraser is burned out. His business is a success, but he feels empty. A safari holiday should be the perfect pick-me-up. But then he sets eyes on Annie and realizes this is more than just a vacation – he wants Annie always and forever.

Always and Forever ebook.jpg

Crazy for You

“I might have - slightly - said I was married. To you.”

Jordan has been in the shadow of her older sister all her life. In one unguarded moment she makes a rash boast – that she’s married. But when her sister announces a visit it’s up to Jordan to make the lie at least appear true.

Alex is tired of friends describing him as “Mr. Beige”, so when Jordan throws herself on his mercy, he decides now might be the perfect moment to do something crazy.

Except a weekend of pretence might not be enough – for either of them.

Aloha Love

Seducing the best man might be every maid of honor’s fantasy, but it never really happens – does it?

Shay looks for two things in a man: height, and decency. Still smarting from a break-up from her asshole ex, she’s not looking for a relationship, but when Noah walks into her best friend’s wedding, Shay is knocked right off her high heels. Noah might just be the one to restore her faith in men.

Noah is looking forward to a weekend in Hawaii to celebrate his brother’s wedding. Friends might joke about kissing the bridesmaids, but Noah isn’t interested – until he sets eyes on Shay.

But can he persuade Shay to trust him with her bruised heart?

Aloha Love kindle cover.jpg
Make me Yours jpg.jpg

Make me Yours

Jackson Montgomery is a workaholic. I swear the man never sleeps. Which is a shame, because I’d share a bed with my sexy-as-sin boss in a heartbeat.

So I’m horrified when he gives me a new assignment: finding him a wife.

Jackson can’t see what’s right in front of his face, so it’s down to me to show him that his perfect PA would also make a perfect wife and mother.

Beach Baby

Grieving after her mother's death, Jess travels to Greece, where her parents met and her mother was happy. Jess hopes to find the father she never knew, but when she crosses paths with Nick, she finds the kind of love her mother told her about, the sort she thought only existed in stories.

Nick planned to take a week away from business, but when Jess falls at his feet, what else can he do but pick her up? 

Join Jess and Nick in the Greek islands for a scorching love story. Jess is hunting for her past, but instead finds a glorious future in Nick's arms.

Beach Baby 3D.png

Stay with Me

Stay ebook jpg.jpg


I'm a cliche. I fell in love with the boy next door. My mistake: I never told him.

And now I never will.

A girl can't wait around forever, and Max's 30th birthday party will be my farewell to what might have been before I embrace my new life in another state.


I spent years building a business and a home so I can offer Carly everything she deserves. Then she says she plans to leave. Can I convince her to stay with me?

Finding Macy

Macy has fled four thousand miles to escape her controlling father and the marriage he wants to force her into. Macy knows her father will pursue her, but she hopes the mountains of the French Alps might be big enough to hide her.

Travis is the best in the business. If he's determined to find you, no hiding place is good enough. But the moment he sets eyes on Macy, the game changes. All he wants is to protect Macy - from everyone except himself.

Lose yourself in a snowy romance with a heroine who falls head over heels with the sexy hero just waiting to rescue her.

Finding Macy ebook.jpg
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